Why Winning Isn't Everything, But Trying To Win IS! | American Plaque Company

You may have heard your parents tell you while you were growing up that “winning isn’t everything”, and while I agree with this sentiment, it is important to note that it is important to want to win. You may not be able to control the former, but the latter is 100% within your overall control.

So what is the major difference? Your drive to be your best. If you are going through the motions in a task or hobby, then chances are you are not passionate about it. If all you do is checkmark it off ion your daily list, then you are doing something that quite simply shouldn’t be your focus. You are wasting time.

Now that being said, not everything you do everyday is going to be your favorite thing. Cleaning the toilet. Mowing the grass. Folding laundry…these are all necessary tasks that many are not passionate about. However, when it comes to something like your career, a sport, or your drive and dedication to your family and friends, your desire to win should be strong.

So no, winning isn’t everything. The desire to be the best though is vital to leading a successful life and leaving a lasting legacy!


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