So many can be heard muttering under their breath about the boys  of today. This however is not a fact that is unique to the young men in 2018. Not even close! In fact, this has been a thing for as long as their has been kids around, which you might have guessed, has been pretty much forever! A funny thing happened in 1907 though when Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scouting movement in England.  An organization was born that helped reinforce all of the amazing character traits that everyone wanted boys to have. It brought to the forefront character building activities, civic responsibility and even the idea of honesty, hard work and drive. It took aimlessness replaced it with vision. It took laziness and replaced it with drive. It took boredom and channeled it into constative activities. It was exactly what we needed when we needed it, and many can point back to their time in the Boy Scouts as the place their success started. 
So when you hear the scuttle about changed in the Boy Scouts, make sure and take a minute and actually research what the changes are, and what they mean for all of those who have yet to have a chance to be a part of this amazing organization. Do the changes make it impossible for wandering teens to find a purpose? Do these changes make it harder for the kids involved to develop character traits that will help them into their adulthood? I think you will answer no to both of these questions, and considering that is what the Boy Scouts exists for, that means, to me anyway, that the changes are not taking away from the overall long term good that the Boy Scouts provides for the future leaders of our country. 
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